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Review of Lessons 15 - 19

Let's Learn English Blooper Reel 2
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This video shows that the actors in our series are not perfect. They make mistakes like everyone else does!

Congratulations! You are learning English well with VOA Learning English! Try the listening quiz and enjoy the video of our mistakes.

For Fun - 'Bloopers'

Sometimes we do not remember what to say. Or we say the wrong words. Watch the video above to see a few of these mistakes, or 'bloopers' from our lesson videos. There are no subtitles in this video. So listen carefully for the funny parts.

Review Quiz

In this quiz, you can test your listening skills. Watch a short video and answer the question.

Review of Lessons 15 - 19

Review of Lessons 15 - 19

Start the Quiz to find out

Lesson Review

Lesson 15: I Love People-Watching!

Grammar focus: Descriptive adjectives; Tag questions

Topics: Describing Differences and Similarities; Watching People

Learning Strategy: Access Information Sources

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Non-Verbal Expressions of Happiness; Rising and Falling Intonation in Tag Questions

Lesson 16: Where Are You From?

Grammar focus: Nationality and language names used as nouns and adjectives

Topics: Countries and Nationalities; Tourism activities

Learning Strategy: Monitor (comprehension and production)

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Talking about countries, languages, and nationalities; Saying "a couple of" quickly

Lesson 17: Are You Free on Friday?

Grammar focus: Simple Future tense with will and going to.

Topics: Talking about schedules and leisure time activities

Learning Strategy: Evaluate

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Future verb forms; shortened forms of future verbs and invitations.

Lesson 18: She Always Does That

Grammar focus: Describing frequency of actions; Object pronouns; ordinal numbers

Topics: Reacting to information; Facts vs. Feelings

Learning Strategy: Classify​

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Object pronouns with /h/ sound deleted ['em; 'im]

Lesson 19: When Do I Start?

Grammar focus: Which as an adjective alone and with pronouns; Adjectives next and every

Topics: Saying the months of the year; Talking about seasons and activities​

Learning Strategy: Summarize

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Using which and which one to offer a choice; using every and next with time expressions; Pronunciation of February


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Thank you for coming to learn English with us!​

Special request to teachers and English learners:

As you see in the Lesson 19 video, Anna is going to have a new children's program. What should she call the program? Let us know in the Comments section or by email. We'll send a special thank you to the person who suggests the best name.

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