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Search Expands for Two Suspects in France

French police patrol in Longpont, north of Paris, France, Jan. 8, 2015.
French police patrol in Longpont, north of Paris, France, Jan. 8, 2015.
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French officials are searching for two brothers in connection with Wednesday's deadly attack at Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper, in Paris.

Police have linked Said Kouachi, 34, and Cherif Kouachi, 32, both French citizens of Algerian origin, to the deaths of 12 people at the weekly newspaper known for cartoons that occasionally make fun of religion and culture.

A third suspect -- 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad -- turned himself in to authorities, but it is not clear whether he was involved in the attack.

A search was underway Thursday in an area about 80 kilometers west of the French city of Reims. The two brothers may have been seen at a service station in the area.

Police identified Said and Cherif Kouachi after one of them left his identity card in the getaway car after Wednesday's attack.

Authorities said they have so far detained seven suspects, mostly people who know the brothers, in relation to the shootings.

Officials have not confirmed whether the fatal shooting of a policewoman in southern Paris on Thursday is linked to the newspaper attacks. She was gunned down while responding to a traffic accident in the Montrouge area just outside of the capital. Authorities are still looking for the suspect.

Cuba frees five more political prisoners

Cuba freed five more detainees Thursday, as Havana has started to release some of the 53 people the United States considers political prisoners.

Political opposition groups in Cuba say eight detainees have been released over the past 24 hours, including three on Wednesday. Seven of the eight were members of the dissident Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU).

Havana's promise to free the prisoners was a major part of an historic deal announced last month under which the two governments agreed to renew diplomatic relations after more than 50 years.

Indonesia to try to lift AirAsia tail section

Indonesian search-and-recovery teams Friday plan to start lifting the tail structure of an airplane that crashed into the ocean, officials said.

Poor weather prevented rescue teams from trying on Thursday, according to Indonesia’s search-and-rescue agency coordinator.

The operation will use a balloon to try to lift the plane section from water. The head of the search and rescue agency said Thursday that a crane might also be used to lift the tail, and that finding missing bodies of victims was still the main focus.

The tail section of the plane was located Wednesday on the seabed about 30 kilometers from the plane's last known location at a depth of about 30 meters.

Cameroon calls for more help to fight Boko Haram

Cameroonian President Paul Biya is calling for international support against the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram. Mr. Biya asked for the international community’s support after the release of a Boko Haram video message threatening his country.

During a meeting Thursday with diplomats serving in his country, Mr. Biya said a key agreement for Nigeria's neighbors to set up a regional force to coordinate the fight against Boko Haram has not been done.

He said the international community should have come together to fight terrorism that he described as a threat to peace and stability in all countries of the world.


Words in the News

satirical adj. a way of using humor to show that someone or something is foolish, weak, bad, etc

renew v. to make (something) new, fresh, or strong again

crane – n. a big machine with a long arm that is used by builders for lifting and moving heavy things

coordinatev. to make arrangements so that two or more people or groups of people can work together properly and well