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Thai Navy SEALs Say All 13 Rescued

Rescuers walk toward the entrance to a cave complex in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand Tuesday, July 10, 2018. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

Thai officials say all 12 boys and their soccer coach have been rescued from a flooded cave in northern Thailand.

“The 12 Wild Boars and coach have emerged from the cave and they are safe,” a Thai navy SEAL force reported on its Facebook page. The Wild Boars is the name of the soccer team.

Thai officials started rescue efforts on Sunday after weather experts predicted more rain in the coming weeks. Divers escorted the team’s members, who wore breathing equipment. Other divers were on guard along the dangerous first kilometer of the passageway. In some places, the boys had to be carried under flooded areas, some as narrow as 0.6 meters wide.

Four boys were rescued on Sunday, and four others on Monday. The governor of Chiang Rai state has been heading the rescue effort. He said Tuesday’s rescue attempt began just after 10 in the morning, local time, and involved 19 divers.

Last week, a former Thai navy diver died while preparing to rescue the team.

Hai Do adapted this story for Learning English. George Grow was the editor.


Words in This Story

coach - n. a person who teaches and trains athletes or performers

cave - n. n. ​a large hole that was formed by natural processes in the side of a cliff or hill or under the ground​

emerge - v. to appear from a hidden place

escort - v. to go with someone to give protection or guidance