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Video Shows Man Lifted Up By Strong Winds

Video Screenshot of man getting blown around in strong winds
Video Screenshot of man getting blown around in strong winds
Video Shows Man Lifted Up By Strong Winds
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The United States is already almost two months into spring, but a recent video makes it look like at least one area is still the middle of winter.

The Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire posted the windy, wintry video on its Facebook page on Monday.

The video shows a worker being blown around by winds on the mountain’s snowy summit. The winds were measured at speeds of up to 175 kilometers an hour.

The wind picks up the worker off the ground and throws him back down. Then, he falls and rolls around on the ground.

More than 1.2 million people have watched the original video on Facebook. It has been shared almost 10,000 times.

The worker in the video is a weather observer. Weather observers sometimes work in extreme conditions on Mount Washington’s 1,916-meter summit. Mount Washington is the highest mountain in northeastern North America. It is known for having some of the world’s worst weather.

The 175-kilometer-an-hour wind speed is not even close to record-breaking winds on Mount Washington. The Associated Press noted that in 1934, 271-kilometer-an-hour wind speeds were recorded atop Mount Washington. That is a U.S. record.

Mount Washington is part of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. The area is a popular place to visit in the summer.

In its Facebook post, the Mount Washington Observatory tells people that, “although it looks like winter here, summer is just around the corner.”

That might be hard for some people in the northeastern U.S. to believe. Earlier this week, record amounts of snow fell in several places there. Some areas received more than 19 centimeters of snow.

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I’m Ashley Thompson.

Ashley Thompson wrote this report with materials from the Associated Press. George Grow was the editor.


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summit - n. the highest point of a mountain

just around the corner - idiom. soon; very near