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Twitter's New Explore Tab

Twitter's New Explore Tab
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Twitter is trying to make it easier for people to find important tweets. So now, a new tab called “Explore” replaces the “Moments” tab in the Twitter app.

It is important to explore the Explore tab as it is filled with many features. In fact, if you do not explore Explore, you may wonder where “Search,” “Trends” and other sections have gone in Twitter.

Where to Find the Explore Tab

The Explore tab is found in the bottom menu bar on the Twitter app, where the Moments tab used to be.

Twitter Explore Icon
Twitter Explore Icon

Explore is only available in the updated Twitter app for iPhone and iPad. If you do not see Explore in the app, check to see if you have updated the app.

According to the official Twitter blog, Explore will be coming to the Twitter Android app within a few weeks.

Twitter has not said when or if Explore will be available on the Twitter website.

What Is In the Explore Tab

The Explore tab is more useful than the Moments tab because Explore has more information.

Popular videos or tweets are at the top of the Explore section.

Twitter Explore Tab
Twitter Explore Tab

Explore also includes Trends, Search, Moments and Explore All. Each has a preview of the top listings and you can tap "More" to see a longer list.


If you are looking to see what is trending on Twitter, you will find it at the top of the Explore section.

Twitter Trends
Twitter Trends

Trends on Twitter can be tailored to connect with your interests and location, or you can choose a different location.

Twitter Tailored Trends
Twitter Tailored Trends


If you are looking in Twitter for the search icon, a magnifying glass, you will not find it in the main section. Instead, the magnifying glass icon is used for the Explore tab.

At the top of the Explore section is a search bar you can use to type in search terms, #hashtags, and @Twitternames.


The Moments feature has not gone away. Instead, Moments is found in the Explore tab below Trends. Moments is a collection of what Twitter views as important tweets on trending topics.

Explore All

The Explore All section shows categories to explore. Sample categories in the Explore All section include: NFL, News, Sports, Entertainment and Fun.

Categories will probably change based on time of year and location. NFL, the National Football League, now gets the top spot in “Explore All” in the US. Users from outside the US might not see NFL in their Explore All section.

“Fun” may or may not equal your idea of fun. Expect silly tweets that may bring a smile.

Twitter Fun
Twitter Fun

I’m Caty Weaver.

Carolyn Nicander Mohr wrote this report for VOA Learning English. Caty Weaver was the editor.

Have you seen the new Explore tab in the Twitter app? Were you wondering where Search and Trends went on the Twitter app? Which categories would you like to have in the Explore All section?

Share your thoughts in the Comments Section below or on our Facebook page.


Words in This Story

tab - n. a second or further page that can be opened on an app or web browser

section - n. one of the parts that form something

tailor - v. to make or change (something) so that it meets a special need or purpose

icon - n. a small picture on a computer screen that represents a program or function

magnifying glass - n. a specially shaped piece of glass that is attached to a handle and is used to make an object look larger than it is

hashtag - n. a word or phrase that starts with the symbol # and that briefly indicates what a message (such as a tweet) is about

silly - adj. playful and funny