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Viewer Warns TV Reporter About ‘Lump’

In this July 23, 2020 selfie provided by Victoria Price, Price, a reporter for WFLA in Tampa, Fla., points to her neck. The television news reporter is crediting an eagle-eyed viewer for noticing a lump on her neck and emailing her that she should get it
Viewer Warns TV Reporter About ‘Lump’
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It is the job of many television news reporters to give important information to people watching them.

But recently, that responsibility was reversed. Someone watching the news gave helpful – possibly lifesaving – information to the reporter.

Victoria Price is a news reporter for the television station WFLA in Tampa, Florida. While giving a news report recently, a viewer saw a lump, or raised area, on Price’s neck. The viewer emailed Price and advised her to see a doctor.

Price followed the advice. A doctor looked at the lump and told her she had cancer.

The news reporter tweeted that she was having an operation on Monday, July 27. She had the cancerous tumor removed along with parts of her neck.

“Doctor said it’s spreading, but not too much,” she said. Price added that she is hopeful this will be her “first and last procedure.”

The viewer emailed Price last month. In the email, she told Price that the lump reminded her of one she had had.

Twenty-eight-year-old Price is an investigative reporter. She often reports on issues that help her viewers. The catchphrase of her television station on channel 8 in Tampa is “8 On Your Side.”

“But the roles recently reversed when I found a viewer on MY side,” Price told the Associated Press.

She said that she will always be thankful to “the woman who went out of her way to email me, a total stranger.”

“She had zero obligation to,” said Price, “but she did anyway.”

Then she joked about her television station’s catchphrase. She said the viewer’s action is great of example of someone “being on your side.”

I’m Anna Matteo.

The Associated Press reported this story. Anna Matteo adapted it for VOA Learning English. The editor was Mario Ritter, Jr.


Words in This Story

reversed –v. to switch, to change to the opposite or back to how it once was

viewer –n. a person who watches a program

tumor –n. a mass of tissue made up of cells that are not normal

procedure –n. an operation

catchphrase –n. a group of words used to represent a group or idea

role –n. the part that someone plays in an activity, cause or situation

obligation –n. something that must be done because of a law, rule or promise