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VOA English Newscast: 1500 UTC February 23, 2016

U.S. President Barack Obama (C) discusses administration plans to close the Guantanamo military prison while delivering a statement at the White House in Washington, Feb. 23, 2016.
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From Washington, this is VOA News.

I’m Frances Alonzo reporting.

President Barack Obama will deliver a statement this hour on Guantanamo, according to the White House. His administration is prepared to present U.S. lawmakers with his plan to close the controversial military prison.

U.S. officials have said that his plan will call for sending detainees who have been cleared for transfer to their homelands or third countries and bringing remaining prisoners to U.S. soil to be held in maximum-security prisons.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Defense Department is expected to deliver a report to Congress on how to close the military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba today.

Potential sites include federal prisons in Kansas, Colorado and South Carolina, as well as military facilities.

Stay tuned to VOA. We will carry the president’s comments “live.”

Syria said Tuesday it accepts a ceasefire plan proposed by the United States and Russia that would begin on Saturday.

A government statement said the military will continue its operations against the Islamic State and al-Qaida-linked groups.

The U.S.-Russia plan does not apply to those militants, and any other groups have until Friday to confirm their participation.

A water crisis in India's capital will take up to two weeks to fix. That is according to authorities Tuesday.

Taps ran dry after days of protests by protesters who sabotaged a canal to demand better treatment for their caste.

Jat caste groups called off their protests on Monday after the government of the state of Haryana accepted their demands after days of riots, arson and looting that saw thousands of troops deployed.

This is VOA News.


Words in This Newscast

deliver – v. to present to a group of people

according – adv. as stated by or in

controversial – adj. related to or causing much discussion or disagreement

transfer – v. to move from place to place; to cause to pass from one to another

maximum – adj. as great as possible

meanwhile – adv. at or during the same time

potential – adj. possible

sites – n. the place where something is or was

facilities – n. centers

apply – v. to officially ask for something; to cause to have an effect

participation – n. involvement

authorities – n. officials

tap – n. a device connected to the end of a pipe to control the flow of water

canal – n. a long, man-made waterway that boats could pass through or used to supply water to crops

caste – n. one of the classes into which the Hindu people of India were traditionally divided

arson – n. the illegal burning of a property

looting – n. taking or stealing something by force

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