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VOA English Newscast, 2200 UTC November 23, 2015

A Belgian soldier patrols in Brussels' Grand Place as police searched the area during a continued high level of security following the recent deadly Paris attacks, Belgium, Nov. 23, 2015.
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From Washington, this is VOA News.

I’m Dave DeForest reporting.

Officials look for terrorism suspect.

Belgian prosecutors say one man who was arrested in anti-terrorism raids Sunday in Brussels has been charged in connection with the November 13 Paris attacks. The suspect was not identified. Officials say 15 other people arrested have been released. Police continue to seek top Paris massacre suspect Salah Ab-deslam.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel says the danger of attacks remains.

“We have serious indications that an attack or attacks on different locations at the same time can take place, and that is why we have taken these measures.”

The Belgian capital, Brussels, remains on the highest level of alert.

Secretary of State John Kerry says there is "no question" he would like to see U.S. efforts to fight the Islamic State move faster. He said President Barack Obama has to make the decision as to which options to choose. He commented Monday in Abu Dhabi, where he is holding talks with UAE and Saudi officials.

A Palestinian attacker stabbed two Israelis at a gas station on the edge of the West Bank on Monday. One of the two Israelis has died. The Palestinian was shot and killed by authorities.

Earlier, Israeli police in Jerusalem shot and killed one Palestinian teenager and wounded another after the two stabbed an elderly man with scissors.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced tighter controls on Palestinian vehicles in the West Bank.

The United States has imposed sanctions on four Burundians it says have contributed to the turmoil in the Central African country. President Barack Obama took action against the four men in an executive order that was issued Monday.

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Words in This Newscast

prosecutors – n. government lawyers

massacre – n. the violent killing of many people

indications – n. signs

locations – n. places

alert – adj. watchful to meet possible danger or an emergency

options – n. possibilities or choices

gas – adj. or n. short for gasoline

authorities – n. officials

teenager – n. someone between 13 and 19 years old

elderly – age. old or past middle age

scissors – n. tools used for cutting paper or cloth

sanctions – n. measures designed at punishing someone or something for disobeying a law or rules

contributed – v. giving something; helping to make something happen

turmoil – n. unrest or disorder

executive – adj. related to directing or supervising other people in an organization; responsible for making sure laws are carried out

check – v. to look at or look in

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