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VOA English Newscast: 1700 UTC November 6, 2015

Passengers, whose flights to Egypt were suspended, gather at an information desk of Domodedovo airport outside Moscow, Russia, Nov. 6, 2015.
Passengers, whose flights to Egypt were suspended, gather at an information desk of Domodedovo airport outside Moscow, Russia, Nov. 6, 2015.
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From Washington, this is VOA News.

I’m Sarah Williams reporting.

Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended all of his country's commercial flights to Egypt Friday. He acted as investigators continue to probe whether a bomb brought down the Russian jetliner last weekend that crashed into the Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 people onboard.

The Russian leader acted quickly after the chief of the country's FSB security service recommended the halt in flights.

Russia had for days dismissed as speculative suggestions by U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron that Islamic State insurgents planted a bomb aboard the Metrojet flight from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg.

British vacationers encountered long delays in leaving Sharm el-Sheikh Friday.

British Ambassador John Casson denied that Egypt had curtailed the planned departure of hundreds of Britons and pleaded with angry travelers for patience.

“Flights are coming in that will allow us to take more people home later today. They are just challenging logistical issues involved in making sure that flights can leave and arrive in a busy airport in line with international regulations in a way that’s safe.”

That is London’s ambassador to Egypt, John Casson.

White House officials say U.S. President Barack Obama has concluded that Israeli and Palestinian leaders will make no significant progress toward peace before he leaves office in early 2017.

That pessimistic forecast was disclosed as Mr. Obama prepares to host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House on Monday.

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Words in This Newscast

commercial – adj. related to or involving the buying and selling of goods and services

probe – v. to examine or investigate; to ask a lot of questions

jetliner – n. a large airplane

onboard – adj. carried or happening on a vehicle

recommend – v. to propose or suggest

speculative – adj. based on ideas about what might happen, instead of on facts

insurgents – n. rebels; militants

aboard – adj. or adv. on or within an airplane, train or ship

resort – n. a place where people go on holidays

vacationer – n. someone who spends time away from home, school or business, often to travel

encounter – v. to experience

curtailed – v. to shorten the length of something

departure – n. the act of leaving someplace

pleaded – v. asked or appealed

challenging – adj. difficult in a way that can be enjoyable

logistical – adj. involving the process of planning and organizing

regulations – n. rules

concluded – v. to come to an end; to finish

significant – adj. major or important

pessimistic – adj. having or showing a lack of hope for the future

forecast – n. a statement about what someone thinks will happen in the future

disclosed – v. to make public or make known

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