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VOA English Newscast 1500 UTC February 18, 2016

CHP MPs talked with families that wait in front of the Forensics Institute in Ankara Turkey
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From Washington, this is VOA News.

I’m Ira Mellman.

Turkey is pointing blame for a bombing in their capital city…

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is blaming the Syrian Kurdish militia, the YPG, for killing 28 people in the bombing of a military convoy Wednesday in Ankara.

Dorian Jones reports from Istanbul the prime minister called for Western allies to stand with Turkey in the fight against the Syrian Kurdish group, which some European countries and the United States support in its fight against the Islamic State.

“Prime Minister Davutoglu claims his security forces have uncovered irrefutable evidence the Syrian Kurdish group -- the YPD -- and its military arm -- the YPG -- were behind Wednesday’s bombing of two military buses in the Turkish capital.

“He says the YPG attack was carried out with logistical support from PKK militants inside Turkish territory. Turkish security forces claim to have recovered the fingertips of a Syrian national linked to the Syrian Kurdish group from the scene of the bombing.

“Ankara has long insisted the YPG is linked to the Kurdish rebel group the PKK, which Turkish security forces are fighting.

“Dorian Jones, VOA News, Istanbul.”

There is growing concern about the fate of thousands of Syrians working inside the war-shattered country for Western non-profits or on development and governance projects funded by U.S. agencies and European governments.

Western officials fear they will be targeted by the Assad regime as a government offensive continues to grab back more towns and territory from the rebels. And behind-the-scenes, officials are urging Turkey to admit Syrian NGO workers and political activists who want to flee.

This is VOA News.


Words in This New

convoy – n. a group of vehicles that are traveling together

irrefutable – adj. not able to be proven wrong

logistical – adj. of or related to logistics (things that must be done to organize a complex activity)

fingertip – n. the very end of the finger

scene – n. the place of an action

insisted – v. to demand that something happen

fate – n. the things that will happen to a person or thing in the future

shattered – adj. broken

funded – v. financially supported

regime – n. a form of government

grab back – v. to regain control of

behind-the-scenes – adj. happening in private without being seen by the public