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VOA English Newscast - 2000 UTC October 2, 2015

In this photo made from the footage taken from Russian Defense Ministry official web site on Oct. 2, 2015 a bomb explosion is seen in Syria.

From Washington, this is VOA News.

I’m David Byrd reporting.

Russian warplanes continue to carry out airstrikes against targets in Syria. The strikes came even as a U.S.-led coalition urged Moscow to halt any attacks on the Syrian opposition and focus instead on Islamic State targets.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Friday its planes flew 18 missions over a 24-hour period, hitting 12 Islamic State targets, including several in and around the northern Syria city of Raqqa, the Islamic State's de facto capital.

In a statement posted on the Turkish Foreign Ministry's website, the U.S.-led coalition said the military actions "constitute a further escalation and will only fuel more extremism and radicalization."

The coalition, that includes U.S, Britain, Turkey, France, Germany, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, has been carrying out airstrikes against Islamic State targets for about a year.

Federal investigators have recovered a total of 13 weapons possessed by a lone gunman who went on a shooting rampage at a community college in rural southern Oregon.

Celinez Nunez is an agent with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

"So far we have recovered 13 weapons. Out of those 13 weapons, we currently have in custody six were recovered at the school. Seven were recovered at the shooter’s residence."

Nunez said all the guns were purchased legally and traced to the same firearms dealer.

Police are attempting to determine why the gunman, identified as 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer, opened fire at the school Thursday, killing nine people and wounding seven others before being killed himself during an exchange of gunfire with police officers.

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Words in This Newscast

focus – v. to cause to be directed at something

mission(s) – n. a job that someone is given to go

de facto – adv. in reality

constitute – v. to make up or form something

further – adv. additional

escalation – n. making something worse or more severe

radicalization – n. making something more extreme, especially in politics

rampage – n. an incident involving wild, usually destructive behavior

custody – n. the act of being held in a prison or jail

traced – v. linked to