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#WWIII, New York Subway, and Turkey

Part of an ad campaign for the show "The Man in the High Castle" in New York City (Twitter)
Part of an ad campaign for the show "The Man in the High Castle" in New York City (Twitter)
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After news reports said Tuesday morning that Turkey had shot down a Russian war plane, Twitter users declared World War III was near. The hashtag #WWIII trended on the social media site.

Russia said the plane was shot down by weapons on the ground.

But Turkey said its jets shot down the Russian plane when it entered Turkish airspace. Turkish officials said the Russian plane ignored many warnings to leave.

Ad Angers Subway Riders

People riding New York City’s Subway near Times Square have been seeing large advertisements displaying Nazi symbols.

​They advertise the Amazon television show “Man in the High Castle.” The show tells an alternative history of World War II, in which the Nazis and the Japanese Empire win the war and occupy the United States. Its second season begins next week.

On social media, some people expressed anger - and shock - that the city’s transportation officials would permit the ad campaign.

​By Tuesday afternoon, Amazon asked New York City subway officials to remove the ads from the train and subway stations.

Turkey … and turkey

Another trending topic on Twitter in the U.S. was “Turkey.” Some tweets included discussion of the downed Russian plane, but many others simply included tips for making the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

I’m Ashley Thompson.

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