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Inky the Octopus: 'Escape Artist' and Celebrity

Inky the octopus is seen prior to his escape in this photo from the National Aquarium of New Zealand.
Inky the Octopus: 'Escape Artist' and Celebrity
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A small New Zealand octopus has become an international celebrity.

His name is Inky.

Inky had been living in an aquarium at the National Aquarium New Zealand since 2014. But, three months ago, Inky managed to escape. And no one has seen the octopus since.

Just this week, Inky has been in newspapers around the world. And the story of his mysterious escape went viral on social media.

New Zealand’s Napier County communications manager, Robyn McLean, said in a media release that the aquarium staff noticed Inky was missing one morning.

She said the top to Inky’s tank was slightly open. The staff then saw a wet path across the floor. The path led to a drainpipe to the Pacific Ocean.

Although Inky was about the size of a soccer ball, octopuses have no bones. They are able to fit in very small spaces, like narrow drainpipes.

National Aquarium Manager Rob Yarrall told the Guardian newspaper that octopuses are known for being good “escape artists.” He called the animals curious and intelligent.

It’s probable that Inky is now enjoying life in the vast Pacific Ocean.

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I'm Marsha James.


Words in This Story

drainpipe – n. a pipe for carrying off rainwater or liquid refuse from a building

celebrity - n. the state of being famous or celebrated

aquarium - n. a building people can visit to see water animals and plants

go viral - v. to be spread rapidly on the Internet

staff - n. a group of people who work for an organization or business