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Woman, 19, Turkey: Ten ideas for a lovely Valentine's Day

If you want to surprise your girlfriend for Valentine's Day, you can do these things:

1. If your love likes teddy bears, you can buy a really big, cute teddy bear and flowers.

2. You can buy colorful balloons and tie them to her front door, or if these are helium balloons, you can call her and request that she look out the window this moment. Let go of the balloons and maybe she can catch them.

3. You can decorate your house with small candles and prepare a delicious dinner.

4. Maybe you can write a song for her. And if you play any musical instrument, you can play it and sing to her.

5. You can write an emotional letter to her. You can explain how much she is important to you and how much you love her.

6. If you think you will ask her to marry you, you can look on the Internet for the 25 best marriage proposals.

7. When it's 00:00 a.m. on February 14, you can send her 100 messages and explain your emotions to her.

8. You can buy a lot of romantic movies. Put them in a beautiful big box, tied with a ribbon, and write “If you want, I can watch all of them with you.” Wait until she calls you. And you watch them without getting bored.

9. You can read a romance novel or her best-liked book, and then you underline which words or sentences are lovely or which sentences touch you.

10. Certainly say "I love you" and feel you love her.

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