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Woman, 22, Vietnam: First kiss changed everything

My friend told me about a boy and her feelings for him. I wanted him to agree with her love. Then, I thought of a lot of ways which could make him agree. Suddenly, he said he loves me. I didn't believe that. I thought he was joking because I used to connect him and my friend.

One day, I decided to go out with his group. Actually we were classmates. We went to the beach. I agreed because I often go to the beach when I feel sad. I was feeling sad because of my boyfriend. That night, I drank a lot of beer. I missed my boyfriend so much, I called out his name and I cried a lot.

Then, he who my friend loves hugged me. He kissed me. Oh, that was a first kiss. I never kissed somebody before. I split up with my boyfriend.

Now, he is always beside me. He protects, takes care and sings for me. I thought I loved him but I'm scared. And I met a new boy. He is older than me. Several days we went out. He said he love me. I don't know. My feelings are confused. What do I need to do to find a true answer?

All boys are so kind and so nice. They always pray to me. I don't want anybody to be hurt.

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