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Woman, 23, India: Her opinions on "flaws of today's relationships"

My name is Shikha Dubey and here is my article:

Flaws of Today's Relationships

In the modern arena, if we talk about relationships it will be much different than what we refered to in earlier times.

Here, I'm going to mention some points which I feel are responsible for creating gaps in relationships between two individuals:

1. Sticking to Social Networks: I know, social networking websites are great tools to establish communication between two people living in two different regions of the globe, but these are also responsible for lack of communication among family members. How? When we come back from work and get some free time to have a laugh with family members, we just open the Internet, login to our social networking account and chat with online friends, leaving our grandma and grandpa alone in their very last stage of life. We don't bother about if the father had a fight with his boss or the mother wants to talk with the children.

2. Arguing with Elders: Today, we think that we are intelligent enough if we can argue with any person on this earth, even if these are our elders, parents or loved ones. They might be correct, but we think that we are living in a scientific world, so we are more rational than them.

3. Assessing Relationships in a Wrong Way: We always give preference or try to maintain only those relationships which we think could be beneficial for us in the future. Hence, we always spend life flattering and never find a single person whom we respect with our heart. And if we don't respect anyone, we never get it back.

4. Mixing Personal With Professional Lives: If a husband and a wife belong to the same profession or both of them are career-oriented, they mostly have a tendency to compare their career progress with each other. I could never understood why they make such comparisons because both have a common household income. This way parents have the wrong impact on their children and both the husband and wife start to spoil their relationship. If either of them is getting successful in his/her career, it's ultimately success for the entire family.

5. Expecting More Than We Should: There is no use in expecting things that are not possible to fulfill for someone. For example, how could a husband working 9 to 5 take his wife to a movie after a full day of work? After all, he's a human being, he needs physical and mental rest, too. Or how could a son suffering from a disease during exams get good marks? That's why being empathetic is always considered a good trait.

Before ending all this, if you come under the purview of any or all of the above-mentioned flaws, I would recommend you work on and get rid of them. Sometimes we can't understand how far we are from our relatives, family and friends. So this Valentine's Day, take a step towards these issues.

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