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Woman, 24, Armenia: Biologist struggles with learning English to advance her career

I live and work in Yerevan, a very beautiful city. I am a biologist by profession. I love my profession, and received a scholarship during my studies. I read a lot, made a scientific discovery, and have a lot of scientific publications. I was successful in this profession, but I realized that for achieving greater progress, I need to get international experience. I want to do my Ph.D research abroad, and I want to be enrolled in an international university. So I began to search for scholarships at international universities in America and Europe. I found a lot of programs, the universities that are leaders in the field of biology, but they all require fluent English knowledge for interviews or high TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Then I realized that my knowledge is nothing without the knowledge of English and if I want to communicate with the scientists in my profession, to exchange ideas or to obtain an international experiment, first of all I have to improve my English. And so I started to learn English on my own, but with the passage of time I'm more and more disappointed. I can say that I try almost everything. I read a lot, write and listen. But a problem is that I have no one nearby who can talk with me, and who can correct my mistakes.

There was a time that I thought to enroll in a language school abroad, but after searching, I couldn't find any suitable ones. Now I am searching for some good program for me, which can help me to solve this problem as fast as possible. I need to know English fluently on a short time scale, this is my goal. Now I can say that the level of my English is intermediate, but this is not enough.

It’s very difficult to realize that something could have been done long before this point. If a person wants to succeed in his chosen field he has to know English, this is my advice to everyone, so start to improve your English as soon as posible.

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