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Woman, 24, Vietnam: Loves a man who sees her as a "mistake" in his life

B and I were friends in a group at university. I had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend. My relationship with my boyfriend was not good. We were always arguing and had nothing in common. Absolutely at one time I had loved him, but I can't stand the way he treated me. He was too jealous of anyone I talked to and had bad words to offend me. I asked to split up many, many times but he did not accept. He shouted at me and did something that made me scared. So our relationship continued. I just saw him as someone who could help and take care of me in daily life, and what will be will be.

B and I fell in love through chatting many times. I decided to say goodbye to my boyfriend but B did not do the same with his girlfriend. We were dating while he was still in a relationship with his girlfriend. Because of loving B so much, and his gf was also my friend, I had to accept being his gf in the dark. He told me he was going to take a far mission for three years and he was sure that his girlfriend would forget him (because she had another man flirting with her and they hung out several times)

One day, my ex-bf stole my cell phone and read the messages. He was so angry and crazy and he told B's girlfriend. She was heartbroken and stopped being friends with me. Finally, B decided to split up with me. B admitted that he hadn't ever loved me, and also did not love his girlfriend anymore. She decided to date the man who flirted with her before. I will wait three years for B even if he doesn't care about me. I really love him. He sees me as a big mistake in his life. So sad :(

Everyone tells me the best way for me is to find another man who really loves me and forget B. But I can't do that.

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