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Woman, 24, Vietnam: Fell in love with older man of different religion

My nickname is My. Today I want to share my love story with you and hope I can receive some advice.

He and I work at the same company. Through some times that we worked on the same project and had more time to stay or talk together, we fell in love. The problem is that he is a foreigner and he is older than me by 17 years. But the most important thing is that he is not the same religion as me.

At first, I didn't care about that, but my family did. I tried to convince my family, because I thought age and language would not matter to me. But now I think I was wrong, because if we get married, I will get a lot of comments and prejudice from my relatives and neighbors. Moreover, we are not from the same culture, so he doesn't understand what I want, what I think.

Sometimes he makes me cry because of that. For example, on Valentine's Day, other couples went out to have a romantic day with their lover. Not me, I stayed at home because he said that he was tired. On that day, I had to go to school, but afterward I drove as fast as I could to go to his house (because he doesn't have a motorbike). I wanted to have more time to spend a meaningful day with him.

When I saw him, he said "I am tired." I was very upset and disappointed, because I was very excited and happy to see him. I went back to my house feeling sad and bored. Next day, when I went to the office, I said nothing all that day. He asked me why I was sad, but I didn't answer him. I wonder why he can't understand something easy like that. I always care about his feelings, try to make him smile and be happy, but I never receive something like that. He just cares about his feelings. I don't know what my feelings are now, I am confused about this relationship.

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