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Woman, 25, Russia: Says not obeying doctor caused husband to flirt

My relationship with my current husband started a couple of years ago. We met each other in one of the trustful dating websites. Our communication via Internet had been for a few months or so before we could see each other in real life in my country. We have common interests, hobbies and just love each other.

I saw that he began to use strong antidepressant pills from time to time. He told me a story about his former serious relationship with a girl who had a brain cancer and died. It was horrible for him to undergo those feelings of loss. Doctor gave him antidepressants. He used them for about 10 years, with breaks.

All was smooth and lovely before one day I found out that he flirted with other girls in some social networks. I let him know that I knew about it but it did not become a drama. He repeated that he loved only me and I believed him. But after about half a year I found out he registered on a few dating websites and searched for a girl. This time I couldn’t keep it quiet. He again claimed to love only me and again I forgave him. Some time later he proposed nicely to marry me and I agreed.

Afer a while I noticed how much he started spending time with the computer, He even had sleepless nights with it. I decided to watch him and discovered he was on the way to meet with some girls. I found a lot of proof of betrayal -- letters, profiles. He even made a list of hundreds of escort girls for the next business trip to my country. I couldn’t accept it anymore and declared I want a divorce. I felt betrayed by someone I loved and trusted. I had a desperate desire to forget it all. He cried, asked my help and assured me that he couldn’t control himself and his sexual libido.

I tried to cool down and find out what changed his nature so suddenly, because he is not one of these hot-tempered machos. Later we revealed it was new antidepressants and, the most important thing, he hadn't used them together with other pills the doctor prescribed. He didn’t follow the doctor's orders and used only one. He thought it helped him. He pleaded with me to accompany him to his psychiatrist. The doctor confirmed that it might happen with some people and again prescribed the other pills that he never used.

Well, after this terrible time passed (about three months), I see him happy and real. He is no longer interested in flirting anymore. He admitted his fault not to follow the doctor. Well, maybe we shouldn’t make decisions quickly and break up with those we love, before we are sure of the reasons.

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