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Woman, 27, Mongolia: Afraid she is too old to break up with boyfriend

I have been in a relationship with a guy for about six years. But we don't live together and still act like a new couple.

I don't know why we can't make a decision about our relationship. Maybe I am afraid to live with him for my whole life and I am not sure that I love him.

He always says that I can make a decision to live with him or not by myself. I think it is not necessary for him, or he gives me too much freedom.

My friends and also my family said: "If you don't live with him for the future, you should break up. It is good for you, because your age is not so young to have a relationship again some years later."

I understand that it is difficult for me to have another relationship at this age, because Mongolian women are married at around 20-25. Also, I think at this age we can't accept a new one's character and cavil about some bad points of each other.

However, my appearance is not bad and people say "you are pretty," but I am not sure about having another relationship if I break up with this boyfriend. So I can't break up ... but I am not sure I can live with him for my whole life.

I am very confused about marriage with him. Today is February 9. Yesterday was my birthday. But I didn't meet my boyfriend and received no present, no call from him, just connected through Messenger. My birthday was very boring.

So please advise me, guys, what should I do?

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