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Woman, 28, Vietnam: How to "conquer the heart" of man she loves?

I recently fell in love with a man, not at first, but after several discussions. I know that he is single and is looking for the woman of his life. I don't know if he is really interested in me. During the last seven months, he sometimes invited me for dinners or to go to the cinema. He gave me gifts after his business trips far from the city. But I know he did the same with other girls! One time, he invited me and these girls to a small party and introduced us to each other. I saw that they were also so nice and lovely. One of these girls let me know that she is interested in him.

I really don't know if I have a place in his heart or if he considers me just as a friend. He is a smart and educated guy. We can talk about everything together and it seems that he wants to know everything about me, but we didn't talk too much about love, and of course I didn't show my love to him yet.

So, guys, please kindly advise me how to conquer the heart of such a man and how to make clear our relationship? How can I compete with these nice girls around him, especially if we will be invited to parties again? I have never been in the same situation; I need your advice. Thank you so much!