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Woman, 32, Brazil: Trusted man who promised a life together

It is really hard to talk about relationships especially when we talk about men, because most of them are unfaithful, and this is really bad! I remember I was into someone, and I think I'm still into him, and we shared moments: good and bad ones together. I gave him my all and he called me one morning, telling me he would be by my side for the rest of his life. And then the next day I called him and he couldn't answer because he was too busy talking to another girl (I heard a female voice). After some time he asked me to back off, and I did.

Nowadays he calls me, and tries everything he can to get closer. EVEN THOUGH I LOVE HIM, IT IS NOT GONNA HAPPEN. I AM TIRED OF GIVING PEOPLE A THIRD CHANCE. My advice to you all is TRUST YOURSELF AND LOVE YOURSELF and never lose your passion to dream, but don't trust people who say I LOVE YOU because these words don't say so much. An attitude can say so much more than a mouthful of words.

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