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Woman, 36, Brazil: "Would a marriage work without passion?"

I had a relationship for eight months and got pregnant. We married for that reason. I liked it but did not feel real love. Our marriage lasted four years. And after a while I started dating a classmate from college and got engaged. I'm with him for four years. But it's a complicated relationship, full of comings and goings. He has a temperament that is very difficult, and there have been betrayals and other disappointments. But love and passion is not over.

My ex-husband became my best friend. He is a mature man, good, and still loves me. It would be perfect if I could re-marry him. But I do not feel passion or physical attraction to him. Would a marriage work without passion? Or is it for love that I could continue with my boyfriend and try to stay in separate houses, as I know it's not right with him on a daily basis?

What do I do?

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