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Woman, 38, Vietnam: Husband is too busy with iPad and watching sports to spend time with family

Being raised in an Asian family, young girls do all the housework including cooking. When we get married, things do not get better. Our husbands allow themselves to bet money on sports, spend most of their time with their iPhones, games and watching sports. Things got awkward when my husband even played iPad when using the restroom, constantly checking his BlackBerry phone when driving, eating, and before and after getting out of bed.

Ignoring housework and family are problems, too. I wish my husband would remind my kids to read, do math, play sports instead of spending time in front of the screen. Not being honest is another headache. He lied to me about buying his new watch for a hundred dollars while I've been waiting to have my new sunglasses for less than $50.

We don't have time for each other, for all my husband knows is his BlackBerry, iPad and watching sports. I spend time with my kids, playing and talking with them. Cooking, doing housework and everything around the house. I don't shop like some women. I don't use brand-name clothes, purses, etc. I've never spent a dime on my nails. All I know is my family and my kids. I feel lonesome and trapped in my relationship.

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