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Woman, 39, Zimbabwe: Husband asked for polygamous relationship

My parents came from Malawi. They renounced their citizenship to become Zimbabweans. I was born in Zimbabwe. I got married in 1993. Soon after, I became sick. I know it may sound strange and fictitious but the nature of my sickness was really unique. My uncle was a famous witchdoctor. He possessed harmful traditional medicines. He even boasted about them, saying they were the sources of his wealth. Unfortunately, relatives and his own family members were the targets, myself among them. I became dull, confused,losing memory now and again, and also experiencing severe continuous headaches. My husband stood by me during these trying times. I recovered after the witchdoctor's death in 2007.

One day, out of the blue, a woman came. She said she had been dating my husband for the past three years. When my husband came, he scolded me for no reason. I was told to pack my belongings and go, or to stay in a polygamous relationship. This other woman opposed my stay. I was not given the opportunity to say something, but truly no woman likes to share a husband. He told me he wanted an educated, employed wife. I am stressed out. I wish to die. At my age can I go back to school? What about the fees? I am poor. How am I going to build a better life for my three children? I am always crying for all the wasted years because of an unknown sickness. I ask God why did he allow all these misfortunes to fall upon me. I also blame my dead uncle.

I just don't know what to do. My husband doesn't love me anymore although he suggested polygamy. The other woman has all the power over him. My spoken English is very poor. Even my written English, I have to correct myself many times to come up with a better written article.