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Part 20: Orange Coast College - 2001-09-10


Our VOA listener question this week comes in an e-mail from Vietnam. Nguyen Hanh Thao asks about Orange Coast College.

Orange Coast College is one of the largest community colleges in the United States. It is in the southern California town of Costa Mesa. Orange Coast College offers more than one-hundred programs to train students for jobs. Students usually graduate after two years. Orange Coast College also prepares students to continue studying at a four-year college or university.

College officials say foreign students who want to attend Orange Coast College must earn a score of at least five-hundred on the written Test of English as a Foreign Language. Foreign students must also be tested in English and mathematics when they arrive at Orange Coast College. Each student has an adviser to help choose which classes to take.

Classes for one year at Orange Coast Community College cost about three-thousand dollars. Housing and food cost another seven-thousand dollars. Orange Coast College does not provide housing for its students. However, its International Student Center helps foreign students find American families in the area with whom they can live. The International Student Center also helps foreign students prepare any necessary documents, choose activities and plan for trips.

More than twenty-two-thousand students attend Orange Coast College. More than one-thousand-two-hundred are from outside the United States. They are from seventy-four different nations. College officials say about half the foreign students are in work-training programs. The others are preparing to attend a four-year college or university. Most are studying business or computer science.

You can learn more about Orange Coast College by using a computer. The address is w-w-w dot o-c-c dot e-d-u. Students who use a computer can get similar information about any American college by typing the college’s name into a computer search engine.