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Part 22: Johnson & Wales University - 2001-09-10


Today, we tell about a university that has been called one of the most unusual in the United States.


It is Johnson and Wales University. Its main center is in Providence, Rhode Island. Gertrude Johnson and May Wales began it as a business school in Nineteen-Fourteen. Now, its students also study food service management, travel services, hotel management, marketing and other subjects.

Many of Johnson and Wales’ students study business subjects from the time they enter the university. They also get work experience as part of their education. Professors supervise second-year students as they work in businesses that are owned by the university. These include farms, stores and hotels.

More than thirteen-thousand students attend Johnson and Wales University. More than one-thousand students are from outside the United States. They come from ninety-two countries around the world. University officials say most are studying international travel and recreation services.

Johnson and Wales University has an office in Istanbul, Turkey that tells people about the school. Workers in the office meet with students. They travel to schools all over the world and talk about the university. They help students with their applications and other paper work. And they provide information about how to get financial aid.

International students pay about twenty-five-thousand dollars a year to attend Johnson and Wales University in Providence. The university’s International Center helps new students find places to live and provides many other needed services. The university’s English Language Center offers classes that teach English as a second language.

You can use a computer to get more information about Johnson and Wales University. The address is w-w-w dot j-w-u dot e-d-u. Or you can write to International Admissions, Johnson and Wales University, Eight Abbott Park Place, Providence, Rhode Island, zero-two-nine-zero-three, U-S-A.