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EDUCATION REPORT - October 31, 2002: Foreign Student Series #7 >Applications - 2002-10-30

This is the VOA Special English EDUCATION REPORT.

We continue our series of reports about how people from foreign countries can attend a college or university in the United States. A copy of this script can be found on the Special English Web site at w-w-w dot voaspecialenglish dot com.

In earlier Education Reports, we have explained how to begin your search at an education advising center. We also described the new government rules for entering the country and studying in the United States. If you want to study in the United States, it is time to make a list of colleges and universities that interest you.

Be sure to choose more than one college. Directors of foreign student admissions at American colleges say each student should apply to at least three schools.

First, you must get applications from the colleges. An application is a form you must complete to ask the college to admit you as a student. You should request applications at least two years before you want to begin studying in the United States.

You can find the address of the admissions office in the college’s catalog -- a publication that tells all about the school. You can also find such information on the college’s Web site on the Internet computer system.

For example, the Ohio State University provides application forms for international students on its Web pages. You can answer all the questions on the computer and e-mail the application directly to the university. Or you can copy the application forms to your computer, print them, complete the questions and mail them to the university.

Or, you can fill out a computer form to ask the university to send you an application in the mail. If you cannot use a computer, write a letter to the address given in the catalog.

Ask the college to send you the international admission application. Write the letter clearly. List the schools you have attended and any degrees you already have. Explain what you want to study and what degree you are seeking. Explain when you want to begin studying.

You will receive a letter or application from each school. Complete the application and return it to the college. Then you must wait until the college makes its decision.

This VOA Special English EDUCATION REPORT was written by Nancy Steinbach.