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A Very Musical Love Story

A Very Musical Love Story
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

In America, February 14 is a day devoted to love and romance. Today, we tell a story of love through song lyrics.

It starts with the search for the perfect mate...

Looking for Love…

Singer Johnny Lee starts our story with “Lookin’ for Love,” a song from 1980.

The words of the song suggest that finding love is not easy. The song goes, looking for love in all the wrong places / looking for love in too many faces. In other words, this man needs to make changes in how and where he searches for a partner.

At the end of “Lookin’ For Love,” Johnny Lee sings: and you came knockin' on my heart’s door / you're everything I've been lookin' for.

The next song tells how that discovery felt.

First Time Ever...

You have to be pretty excited about someone if you think the sun rose in his or her eyes, right? Roberta Flack then sings:

and the moon and the stars / were the gifts you gave / to the dark and the endless skies.

The words from “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” express beautifully that magic of new love.

Love Will Tear…

So, our man and woman are now partners. But love is complex. Love can create tension. The band Joy Division warned about this in a song written in 1979, “Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Let’s Stay Together…

In our story today, the man begs his woman not to let it tear them apart and not to break up. Artist Al Green knows just what to sing: “Let’s Stay Together.”

Better Together…

Since today is Valentine’s Day, we are going to end our story on a positive note. Our lovers do stay together and live “happily ever after.” They are, as musician Jack Johnson sings, “Better Together.”

I’m Caty Weaver.

What phrases did you learn from this story about finding and keeping love? Are you searching for love or have you found it? Tell us about it. Post your thoughts in the comments section?

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