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Lesson 6: Where Is the Gym?

Let's Learn English Lesson 6: Where Is the Gym?
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Anna is looking for the gym in her new apartment building. She meets Pete and he gives her directions. Anna finds many different places in the apartment building. Finally, she finds the gym.


Watch the video and practice the new words and learn about using prepositions. You can also download the worksheet and practice with a friend.

Speaking Practice - Let's Learn English Lesson 6
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In this video, you ​learn about how Americans greet each other in informal situations. You will also learn how to ask clarification questions by beginning your sentence with a statement, then making your voice go up at the end of the sentence to form a question.

Pronunciation Practice - Let's Learn English Lesson 6
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Anna: Hi there! I’m Anna and I live in Washington, D.C. Every day I learn more about this great city. People in Washington like to work out! Oh, hi, Pete. How’s it going?
Pete: Hi, Anna. It’s going great. How’s it going with you?
Anna: Things are awesome! Pete, I want to work out. Where is the gym?
Pete: The gym is across from the lounge. It’s next to the mailroom. Go that way.
Anna: Thanks, Pete!
(Anna walks away)
Pete: No, Anna! Not that way! Go that way!
(In the mailroom)
Anna: Oh, Pete. This is not the gym.
Pete: That’s right, Anna. This is the mailroom.
Anna: The gym is across from … what?
Pete: The gym is across from the lounge.
Anna: Across from the lounge. Right. Thanks!
(In the lounge)
Anna: Pete! This is not the gym!
Pete: The gym is across from the lounge. It is behind the lobby.
Anna: Right. Right. See you.
Pete: See you, Anna!
Anna: See you.
Pete: See you, Anna.
(In the garage)
Anna: This is not the gym. This is a parking garage.
Anna: Hello? Pete?
(On the rooftop)
Anna: This is not a gym. This is a rooftop.
(In the gym)
Anna: Pete! Pete?
Pete: I want to work out too! Join me!
Anna: I’m good.


What are some of the rooms in your house? Write to us in the Comments section. Tell us what you do in the rooms.

Lesson 6 Activity Sheet
Lesson 6 Activity Sheet

You can also download the worksheet. Practice writing the names of rooms in an apartment building.​

Learning Strategy

Learning Strategies are the thoughts and actions that help make learning easier or more effective. The learning strategy for this lesson is Ask Questions to Clarify.

In the video you see Anna ask Pete about the gym. She uses a statement and a question word together to clarify Pete's directions to the gym. Pete says,"The gym is across from the lounge." Later, Anna asks him, "The gym is across from … what?"

Write to us in the Comments section or send us an email about how you ask questions to clarify what you want to know. Teachers, see the Lesson Plan for more details on teaching this strategy.

Listening Quiz

See how well you understand the lesson by taking this quiz. Each question has a video. Play the video and choose the correct answer.

Listening Quiz - Lesson 6: Where is the gym?

Listening Quiz - Lesson 6: Where is the gym?

Start the Quiz to find out

New Words

across fromprep. on the opposite side from (someone or something)

behind - prep. in or to a place at the back of or to the rear of (someone or something)​

elevator n. a machine used for carrying people and things to different levels in a building

every – adj. used to describe how often some repeated activity or event happens or is done

gymn. a room or building that has equipment for sports activities or exercise

lobby n. a large open area inside and near the entrance of a public building (such as a hotel or theater)

loungen. a room with comfortable furniture for relaxing

mailroom – n. a room in which mail is processed and sorted

next to prep. at the side of (someone or something)

parking garagen. a building in which people usually pay to park their cars, trucks, etc.

rooftop n. the cover or top of a building or vehicle

work outphrasal verb to perform athletic exercises in order to improve your health or physical fitness


Free Materials

Word Book
Word Book

Download the VOA Learning English Word Book for a dictionary of the words we use on this website.

Each Let's Learn English lesson has an Activity Sheet for extra practice on your own or in the classroom. In this lesson, you can use it to talk about the location of rooms in an apartment building.

For Teachers

Lesson Plan - Lesson 6
Lesson Plan - Lesson 6

See the Lesson Plan for this lesson for ideas and more teaching resources. Send us an email if you have comments on this course or questions.

Grammar focus: prepositions: next to, behind, across from

Topics: Informal greetings; Asking questions and clarifying information about location; Naming places; Rooms and services in an apartment

Learning Strategy: Ask Questions to Clarify

Speaking & Pronunciation focus: using prepositions, asking for clarifying information; informal greetings


Now it's your turn. Send us an email or write to us in the Comments section below or on our Facebook page to let us know what you think of this lesson.

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