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Man, 33, Brazil: How to improve relationship with his older brother?

I have two brothers. My big brother is 35 years old, I'm 33 and the younger one is 26. He and I get along very well. Actually, I can´t remember any single argument with him. Both I and my older brother are married, and we don´t see each other very often. But every time that we gather together, an argument arises. An example: he talks without thinking, he speaks whatever comes to his mind. This unsocial behavior is not good, and people avoid him because of that.

Another personality difference contributes to our bad relationship. Despite my brother being an intelligent person, he isn't that good in professional matters. He´s already tried different branches of work, but he usually gets fired, because of his eccentric behavior. Nowadays, he´s unemployed, and he has never attended university. I attended law school, and I´m a lawyer now. I have my own office, and I have no boss.

The fact of our lives are so different bothers him, and takes us away a little bit. I´ve already tried to give him some advice, some tips about what to do and how, but he doesn´t receive them very gladly. Definitely, he´s not willing to hear me. To make matters worse, I don´t get along very well with his wife, and I know she thinks that I am kind of snooty. I´m not at all. I just appreciate good things, and like to enjoy life. I have no children yet, and it helps both me and my wife to do things that they cannot, since they have two kids.

Anyway, we have a distance that, in my point of view, is not proper for brothers. I would like to get along with him better, and I´ll continue to struggle for that.

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