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Man, 64, India: Cannot see son because of daughter-in-law

I was a bank manager and worked in different places in India, taking my wife and children with me to all these places. I was enjoying very close-knit relations with my son and daughter. Now, his wife finds clever excuses to prevent my son’s coming home and spending time with me.

She compelled him initially with lots of physical and psychological forcing and torture, like questioning each and every sentence spoken to me (about our quite normal talks) and finding excuses for not leaving him in my company even when he is really free enough.

They were in Bangalore, Paris and Singapore earlier. The same withholding of my son from my company she cleverly did when they were together in Bangalore.

During the initial months after his marriage in April 2009 my son expressed serious complaints about his wife. But later, after being shown many temper tantrums of physical and psychological harm, he became very passive. More so when he was posted at the end of 2010 in far-away Liechtenstein with only her company (they have no children). There, she is able to inflict more psychological manipulation with physical abuse, too, to force him to obey anything, be passive, conform to her very cruel attitudes of alienating my son from me.

My daughter, now 27, studying in graduate school in the U.S., luckily got divorced from an abusive husband in 2011.

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