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Mourners Gather at French Embassy in Washington, D.C.

People Gather at French Embassy in Washington DC
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People Gather at French Embassy in Washington DC

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ANNE BALL: We are in front of the French Embassy here in Washington, D.C. People have come and stopped by and left flowers and candles and even bottles of wine to say they stand with the French. And they’re here to pay their respects to the victims of the terrorist attacks in France.

MARGE MCDONELL: I just thought I’d like to come down and pay my respects and put a candle out for the victims.

ANNE BALL: Sarah Nugent was at the French embassy getting her student visa. She is going to study in Paris next January.

SARAH NUGENT: I mean, I’m a little anxious. I was anxious before what happened. But I guess, what my friends and I were talking about, discussing, it’s obviously so alarming and praying so much for everyone over there. But I definitely feel like, I don’t want them win. And we feel like that would be giving up. They want people to not go there.

JERRY MATTIACCIO: There’s just very few words to say except that it’s just evil, barbaric and I hope some day this will all end.

ANNE BALL: Do you favor sending more troops over there to fight ISIS?

JERRY MATTIACCIO: I’m former military so I’m always reluctant to go that route. But if is has to be, it has to be.

AGNES RICOTTA: There’s really nothing you can say right now. It’s just pray for them and pray for peace.

KARL BERGNER: These are employees of the German embassy. We are just neighbors if you will, just down the road. And we just came to pay our respect.

ANNE BALL: A French representative did not give her name, but gave us a statement before she went into the embassy.

FRENCH REPRESENTATIVE: The one thing that we can say is the immense gratitude of the French people, especially those in the United States for the support of this country, of its people and we’re immensely grateful.

Agathe Faure and Amandine Mercuri are French citizens working in Washington. They say they are here because they want to feel close to their country.

And while people came and went from French Embassy, ISIS released a new video. They threatened to carry out attacks on Washington.

Anne Ball and Adam Brock reported on this story for Kathleen Struck was the editor.

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