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Do You Remember this Week's Top Stories?

Jamilah Jawara, an Ebola survivor, dances in celebration with fellow survivors, Kenema, Sierra Leone, Oct. 17, 2014. (Nina Devries / VOA)

Editor's Note: To find the correct answers for this news quiz, you can follow the hyperlink to each story or see the answer key at the end of the quiz. Tell us how you did.

1. What is the reason given for the conference of Ebola survivors?

  1. To carry out research on a vaccine for the disease.
  2. To offer advice and more understanding of the disease.
  3. To teach officials about how to prevent the disease.
  4. To develop a traveling Ebola educational program.

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2. How is Joko Widodo different from earlier Indonesian presidents?

  1. Widodo does not have ties to the political establishment.
  2. His plans to carry out reforms are popular with young people.
  3. Widodo is a former diplomat who focuses on foreign policy.
  4. He has the support of opposing-party members of parliament.

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3. What caused chaos in the Canadian capital?

  1. A terrorist ran over a soldier with his car.
  2. Mounted police discovered a plan to bomb the National War Memorial.
  3. A terrorist shot a soldier and entered the parliament building.
  4. Mounted police found a bomb in the parliament building.

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4. How do scientists plan to test drugs using silicon chips?

  1. They sprinkle powdered medicines on the chips.
  2. A computer program imitates the medicine in the chip.
  3. They use micro-tubes to add the drugs to the chips.
  4. They place chips into animals that ate the drugs.

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5. Why did the Union send the Monitor to attack the Virginia?

  1. It was larger than the Virginia.
  2. It had more cannons than the Virginia.
  3. The Monitor was also covered with iron.
  4. The Monitor had a good record in battle.

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6. How did FBI Director Comey react to Apple’s new security change for its devices?

  1. He agreed that police should not be able to open someone’s wireless device.
  2. Comey warned that criminals might still be able to access personal data.
  3. He said that innocent people do not need to worry about their phone’s security.
  4. Comey said that current laws limit what information the FBI can get from devices.

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Answers: 1 - c; 2 - b; 3 - c; 4 - c; 5 - c; 6 - a.

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