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VOA English Newscast: 1400 UTC March 17, 2016

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From Washington, this is VOA News.

I’m Frances Alonzo reporting.

The number of people killed in airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition on a market in northern Yemen’s Hajja province Tuesday has risen to 119, according to a U.N. agency.

The strikes saw 119 killed, including up to 22 children, and 47 injured, according to the UNICEF children agency in a statement. Meanwhile, local health officials had previously reported 41 people killed.

EU leaders are expected to seal a final deal with Turkey on migrants at a two-day summit in Brussels Thursday and Friday.

On the agenda is a controversial plan to send tens of thousands of migrants back to Turkey to relieve the strain on resources of countries on the eastern edge of the European Union.

For every undocumented migrant that Turkey accepts, the EU says it will accept one Syrian refugee from Turkey. The EU says it will take up to a total of about 70,000 refugees, who will be resettled in Europe in a process overseen by the United Nations refugee agency.

Two Palestinians stabbed an Israeli soldier near a group of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank Thursday before being shot dead. That is according to the army.

The incident occurred at the Ariel junction in the West Bank. The female soldier was being taken to hospital, while the two assailants were shot by forces at the scene.

South Africa's sports minister has denied Thursday that bribes were paid to win the right to host the 2010 World Cup. It comes as FIFA seeks to claw back money from officials facing graft charges in the United States.

Football's world governing body this week issued a wide-ranging acknowledgement of what it called "brazen corruption."

VOA News.


Words in This Newscast

province – n. a large area that some countries are divided into

according– adv. as stated by or in; in keeping with

meanwhile – adv. at or during the same time

previously – adv. something done at an earlier time

migrants – n. people who go from one place to another, especially to find work

summit – n. a conference or meeting of leaders

agenda – n. a list of things to be done or considered

controversial – adj. relating to or causing a lot of discussion or disagreement

relieve – v. reduce

strain – n. pressure

resources – n. a supply of something; a thing or place that process useful

resettled – v. setting or causing to settle in a different place

overseen – v. watched and/or directed

occurred – v. happened; took place

junction – n. a place where two things join

assailants – n. attackers

scene – n. the place or an event or action

bribes – n. something valuable that is given in order to get someone to do something

host – v. hold

claw back – v. to recover something

graft – adj. of or relating to corruption

wide-ranging – adj. an covering a wide area

acknowledgement – n. something done or given in recognition of something received

brazen – adj. done in an open and shocking way

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