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VOA English Newscast - 2000 UTC September 29, 2015

President Barack Obama waves before the start of the Leaders' Summit on Countering ISIL and Violent Extremism, at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Sept. 29, 2015. (REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton)
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From Washington, this is VOA News.

I’m Michael Lipin reporting.

U.S. President Obama says more than 100 nations and institutions have joined a global movement to destroy the Islamic State militant group.

Obama was speaking on Tuesday at the United Nations in New York, where he chaired a summit on countering violent extremism and the Islamic State, also known as ISIL.

The U.S. president announced that Nigeria, Tunisia and Malaysia have joined the more than 60-member U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

He also told the summit that the campaign against ISIL will involve both successes and setbacks.

"I have repeatedly said that our approach will take time. This is not an easy task. We have ISIL taking root in areas that already are suffering from failed governance in some cases, in some cases civil war or sectarian strife. And as a consequence of the vacuum that exists in many of these areas, ISIL has been able to dig in."

Obama said the Islamic State continues to hold the Iraqi cities of Fallujah, Mosul and Ramadi, but has lost a third of the Iraqi territory that it once held.

Witnesses in Burkina Faso's capital say gunfire has erupted as the army tries to force rebel soldiers behind a recent failed coup to disarm.

The fighting in Ouagadougou began Tuesday afternoon local time, a few hours after government troops surrounded the base of the renegade presidential guard unit known as the RSP.

Journalist Emilie Iob is in Ouagadougou and reported hearing several explosions in the direction of the rebel camp.

This is VOA!


Words in This Newscast

institution(s) – n. an organization

global – adj. international or involving the world

summit – n. a meeting or conference

countering – v. doing something in defense of or to answer something else

setback(s) – n. problem or issue

approach – n. a way to deal with something; a method

task – n. a job or project

sectarian – adj. related to religious or political groups and the differences between them

strife – n. violence or unrest

consequence – n. a result

vacuum – n. a situation when an important person or thing has gone and is not replaced

erupt(ed) – v. to explode or happen suddenly

coup – n. an attempt to overthrow the government

renegade - adj. rebel; someone who leave one group and joins another

journalist – n. a reporter or news media worker

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