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Woman, 24, China: Angry at growing debt of boyfriend's parents

I have a boyfriend and he treats me very well. But my parents don't like him, because he has no steady job and future. His parents hasten for us to get married. But I can't make this decision.

One problem is that he has two sisters who are both still in university. His parents have no ability to earn much money for their studies anymore. My boyfriend hasn't been to university before, and now his parents do not have any money for our wedding either. They can only borrow from others.

I feel so angry. I have never disliked him because of his economic status. But I don't want to marry someone whose family is getting deeper in debt day after day. That will make our life difficult.

I am confused. I hope his parents can do something for him. Am I wrong? I hope to get some good advice. Thank you!

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