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Woman, 25, Brazil: "All my friends are married or getting engaged. =("

I'm a Brazilian woman and sometimes I think I have no problem with relationships because I'm not like the other women. I have had only two short relationships. Today I'm 25 years old and I'm without a boyfriend since 2007. My last relationship lasted only six months.

My second boyfriend actually was not a boyfriend for me. We were close friends and I really think we started to date because we have similar personalities. I was still in love with my first boyfriend. I thought I could forget him with a new one. I was wrong. I wasn't over him.

My first relationship was full of passion because my heart was so innocent and immature when I was 16. All this time everything was beautiful, and my boyfriend looked at me like I was a foolish girl without importance. Today I know how foolish I was. My heart always was fed by my memories until some months ago, when I decided to forget him, definitely. I deserve someone that loves me truly and shows me that I matter to him.

I was not conceited. Now I'm becoming that way, because it doesn't matter if I'm inteligent, guys look at conceited women.

Now I'm kind of used to being alone, but I think I'm almost forgeting him. I think I can do it ... I think I'm over him now. But I think I need a new fellow to build a real love story.

Am I wrong to be alone all this time? I rarely have time for leisure ... I don't like to go out alone to some kind of places.

I want to have only one more boyfriend and date for four or five years until I realize it's time for marriage.
Am I wrong about my behavior and feelings? All my friends are married or getting engaged. =(

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