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Woman, 28, Brazil: How to get her sister to talk to her again?

In 2008 my sister opened a small clothing store in the neighborhood where we live and gave it to my mom. Since then, my mom has administered the store and my sister doesn't help with anything. Then, there was a problem with the credit card machine and my mom asked me to solve the problem. I called the company and they said I had to talk to my sister because it was registered in her name.

I talked to her and, to my surprise, she told me she didn't want to know anything about the store and wanted my mom to close the store because it was in her name. However, my mom only asked me to talk to her because when my mom tried to say something, my sister simply yelled at her and didn't allow her to say anything. In my mom's mind, I'd talk to her because I'm more patient and we're sisters.

Nevertheless, it didn't work and now my sister isn't talking to me anymore because I said what I thought. As a result, we argued and she got angry with me. We haven't talked since then. I'd like to make peace with her; however, I think I was right when I said what I thought and it was she who started to insult me. What should I do?

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