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EDUCATION REPORT - March 13, 2003: Foreign Student Series #26 > MIT - 2003-03-12

This is the VOA Special English Education Report.

Today, in week twenty-six of our Foreign Student Series, we tell about an American university that is famous for training scientists. That is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, known as M-I-T. It is in the Northeast, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Boston.

M-I-T has more than nine-hundred professors and nearly ten-thousand students. It is organized into schools of study. One is the School of Architecture and Planning. Two others are the schools of Engineering and Science. M-I-T also has a School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. And it has the Sloan School of Management and a College of Health Sciences and Technology.

M-I-T is difficult to get into. Almost eleven-thousand students wanted to study in its undergraduate programs in two-thousand-two. The school offered admission to just sixteen percent of them. More than sixteen-thousand other students applied for graduate school at M-I-T. Twenty-one percent of them received admission.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has close to three-thousand foreign students. They come from more than one-hundred countries. Most are graduate students. China sends the largest number of foreign students to M-I-T. Three-hundred-thirty-five Chinese students are studying there. More than one-hundred-eighty students are from India, and about the same number are from South Korea. France and Britain each sent more than one-hundred students to M-I-T this year.

Most of the foreign students at M-I-T study engineering. Others study business, the sciences, mathematics, architecture, writing and political science.

The cost to attend M-I-T for one year is almost forty-thousand dollars. That includes classes, housing, food and books. The university does offer financial aid. Detailed information about aid for foreign undergraduates can be found on the university’s Web site. The address is mit-dot-edu. Individual departments decide on financial aid for international graduate students. Such aid is normally in the form of a job as a research or teaching assistant.

Again, the Web site is mit-dot-edu. And at the Special English Web site you can find the other programs in our series for students who want to study in America. That address is voaspecialenglish dot com.

This VOA Special English Education Report was written by Nancy Steinbach.